How you can send messages on WhatsApp without saving numbers – Download the WhatMassage app to send messages.

Hello & Welcome to our blog! You all know that in order to talk to someone on WhatsApp, we first have to save that person’s mobile number and then talk to him, but today I will tell you how you can massage on WhatsApp without saving his number. WhatsApp has never had an option to talk to a person without saving their number, but we will do it with a third-party application. In that application, we will just enter our mobile number and then click between friends and it will be sent.

One of the weaknesses points of WhatsApp is that if you want to message someone on WhatsApp, you don’t have to save that person’s mobile number on your mobile, you can’t talk to that person on WhatsApp, and if WhatsApp didn’t give that option first, but now they can’t pick this option because if you don’t save someone’s number on your mobile, you won’t be able to see the status on WhatsApp. This is a weak point of WhatsApp.  If you see another messenger app then you will see someone’s mobile number register then you don’t have to save their mobile number. You just go to the application and search with his mobile number and his number will come in front of you. It is not necessary for you to save his mobile number.  We can’t just leave WhatsApp with this issue of WhatsApp we have an application. I will give you the link to the application by downloading below. Of course, you can massage any person on WhatsApp without saving his number.

There are three useful option for massage on WhatsApp without saving his number

  1. Whatsapp
  2. Business Whatsapp
  3. GB/Fad WhatsApp


There are three options in this application which gives you many benefits. One of the three options is WhatsApp. We usually use WhatsApp which we get in the Play Store. There is only one option of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Messenger.  When you send a message to a person, you will get a message from that normal WhatsApp.

Business WhatsApp.

And the second option is WhatsApp Business, so even if you use WhatsApp’s business application, if you want to send a message to any person with your business WhatsApp, you select this business WhatsApp option and then click on send.  The message will be sent from him, not from your normal WhatsApp.

GB/FAD WhatsApp.

The third option is our GB WhatsApp. Many people use GB WhatsApp which is not the original application of WhatsApp. It is made by a third-party company and they keep updating it with WhatsApp.  There is a name available on WhatsApp called Fad or GB WhatsApp. Many people use it. If you want to message any person from this application after you or with GB WhatsApp, then you have the option to just enter his number and Write a message below and select the option number 3 GB WhatsApp then you will click on the send button then your message will be sent from that GB WhatsApp, not from your normal WhatsApp.

Best Two Feature if this app for massage on WhatsApp without saving his number

massage on WhatsApp without saving his number
  1. Select number from clipboard
  2. Country Code Not Listed

Select number from clipboard

There are two more options in this application that help you a lot. If your country code does not have your country number code in this application then you will select this option and you will manually write your country code then put your mobile number aside. Then click on Send.

Country Code Not Listed

There is another option which is that if you want to put the country code of any mobile number yourself or there is no country code in that mobile number then another option which is to click on the second option and Put the mobile number, you will write a message, click the send button, your job will be done.

We will give you the download link of this application at the bottom of this article. However, you can go to the Play Store by clicking and downloading from here to your device.

Download the app Now

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