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Who was Usman Ghazi (Ottoman Empire) How Established and arise this empire

Who was Usman Ghazi? Ertugrul Ghazi was the founder of the Ottoman Caliphate. He was born in 1188 AD and died in 1280 AD. 1281 is mentioned in some books. His three sons Gohar, Shehryar, and Uthman established the Khilafah. The name of the caliphate was the Ottoman Caliphate, the son of Uthman of Urman, but the foundation of the caliphate was laid by Ertugrul Ghazi. The same caliphate then defended the Muslim Ummah with this Turkish sword for many years, from 1219 to 1924. The family of Ertugrul Ghazi came here from Central Asia and his ancestor Amjad Oz Khan Oghuz Khan had twelve sons from whom they became twelve tribes, one of which was the Kai tribe with which Ertugrul Ghazi was.

Ertugrul’s father’s name was Sulaiman Shah, Ertugrul Gazi had three more brothers, Sarem, Jaljan, Guldaro, and his mother’s name was Haima. Your tribe first came to Iran from Central Asia and later from Iran to Anatolia. To escape the Mongol invasion where Sultan Alauddin was the Seljuk, the Sultan of the Seljuk Empire, and this Seljuk Turkish Empire was founded by Sultan Alap Arsalan. By defeating the Byzantines in the Battle of Manzikart in 1071, Sultan Alp Arsalan was great to portray in history and became the head of the same empire. These 12 tribes lived in the shadow of Sultan Alauddin Oghuj Khan.

Who was Usman Ghazi?

And Ertugrul Gazi became the chief of the Kai tribe. Ahl-e-Ahl came first after the death of their father Sulaiman Shah. Then he went to Aleppo. 1232 Where Sultan Saladin ruled Aziz, the grandson of Ayub, first Ertugrul Ghazi befriended Ghazi Aziz then had three sons with Sultan Alauddin’s niece Halima Sultan. He befriended Iubid and Seljuk, conquered a stronghold of the Crusaders near Aleppo, and then became very close. Ertugrul Sultan Alauddin.

As the Mongol invasion approached, Ertugrul Ghazi defeated the main Mongol leader, Nawan. Nayan was the right hand of Ogtai Khan, the king of the Mongols, Ogtai Khan was the son of Genghis Khan, and Hulagu Khan, the son of Ogtai, was driving. And Ertugrul Gazi led his tribe to Gut Sogut near Constantinople and he was the first to stay there. Byzantine conquered an important fortress and united all the Turkish tribes. After the death of Sultan Allauddin, Ertugrul Ghazi became the Sultan of the Seljuk Kingdom, and his descendant Sultan Muhammad was the conqueror, who conquered Constantinople in 1453 and fulfilled his prophecy. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Warriors like Ertugrul Gazi are rare in history, but unfortunately our generation does not know them.

Those warriors who have gone through Islam who have done something for Islam must have a spiritual aspect, behind them there must be some spiritual personality (Wali Allah) whose responsibility Allah has imposed.

Recount the history of Islam from its inception to the present day. If anyone has any responsibility for Islam and the Muslim Ummah, they must have some spiritual aspect. Sheikh Mohi-ud-Din Ibn Al-Arabi (may God have mercy on him) was behind this warrior Ertugrul Ghazi and by the grace of the Prophet (peace be upon him) was Sheikh Mohi-ud-Din Ibn Al-Arabi who came from Andalusia to help Ertugrul Ghazi. It is not sensitive or exaggerated. Only he who has received this light of spirituality can understand all this. And he who does not receive this light is blind and cannot understand. Such as the Liberal Secular Brigade. The beautiful hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is as follows:

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